you self-assured  walking talking  your systemic gaze

a sure pied piper solid steady yes focused reading eyes

they may be blue black brown yellow green perhaps some gold

the may be you with your beating heart a localized algorithm

you you with your surging soul on a high road then always again the low 

sidestepping tap dancing blanking burned books poems paintings

the frail hail of yearning

of endless longing

let’s forget

for a mere moment


let us recall them

the millions and millions of suffering people

spread wide through centuries a wide lost line

trying their utmost terrified best

to remain human in the endless onslaught

pain brutality endless neglecting superficiality

matter over mind

never mind over matter

never soul over mind


try to perceive

a mere historic passage

a sensitive woman in a concentration camp

her history an endless longing a midnight hell a yearning

eyes teared

mouth trying not to open not to the cry that cannot end   

her future a sure awaiting hell

filled by hollow men

wives that flirt the easy flow of every laid back morning

they not knowing not feeling

when her feet her toes will walk the final yards

before and when all will just turn to gas and fire and suffocating smoke

and a soul

a soul

a human soul

leaving the river

a last wave

of the final trembling hand

before it slips away

away from waving the joy of morning

away from waving a mother a boy

away from that gliding guiled moment late night

away from that moment

when daybreak promised honestly

like forever

the lay of a holy land

Wim van der Walt