So I downloaded another Wim Wenders film, Wrong Move, and sat down to watch. Wim Wenders was/is never Hollywood. He was always raw, unorthodox, philosophic and his movies always leave you mentally, mindfully, different than before.

But damn, this one was tough. So intense, so tearing into one’s psyche, with no relief like a middle of the road Hollywood movie would sooth one with. Heaven, hell, I sat and I watched. Then at a point an invisible psychologist whispered to my soul, ‘You better fast forward, should you consider endeavouring to remain standing in this complex part of the universe. But I suffered through.

My attorneys will get to Wim Wenders next week for some real money to salvage my shredded soul. But today he kept walking with me through a shopping centre. One guy got a jersey because we are expecting some real winter by tomorrow. And I had coffee in my favorite coffee shop. I add a good tip to my account and when the waiter came back with my change I told him with a straight face that he got it wrong. I wanted R 45 back, not a mere R 5. He just smiled, used to my underhand tactics and told me straight faced that the money is already in the cash register, but perhaps next week…

Then, with Wim Wenders silently accompanying me I went to the grocery store. There I was standing in a que to pay when the young guy in front of me motioned that I could move in his position. I first thought that he was just respectful as a young person towards the old guy at his back, and motioned no it is okay, you go first. A minute later he quickly put a brown bag with a sticker down at the side shelf. I got to his position and then saw that an amount of R 9,58 was due for that bag. I caught up with him and told him that I am going to pay for this bag and he then can have it. So I did. So Wim Wenders sensitized me to make a R 9,58 gesture and I and the young man waved each other goodbye. Wrong move Wenders? No, not this time.

Outside the shop I passed a young lady that was passing three other equally young ladies. They were having a spirited interaction in a language that I have not mastered yet. I, influenced by Wim Wenders, just joined in. I told the three ladies that they just should not trust this other woman heading in the opposite way. No! No! Loudly, waving arms to express my serious interpretation of the situation. All four of them burst out in laughter on their different ways. Wenders chuckled muffed with me.

So people, if you don’t want grey hair and an upset stomach, don’t watch Wrong Move by Wim Wenders. But, on the other hand, I promise, you will be less sensitized for the moments marching towards you later today, tonight and tomorrow night.

And, although I almost ended a Wim Wenders movie prematurely because I just could not take it much longer, the Guru got to me once again. And again.

And as that woman against a wall in a strange country said in some film I cannot recall the name off, “it is a strange wind, but it likes me”.

Thanks Wim Wenders.

Wim van der Walt

MSP Film Society - Wenders: Wrong Move