And some relevant commentary – But first- a beautiful music video!

Dear Generous Reader, there I was. Driving my extremely expensive vehicle back to my breathlessly beautiful dwelling and singing along with Everything But the Girl – to The Only Living Boy in Bellville, sorry, I mean New York.

Damn, they did try. Doing their bloody best, but eyeing me in stupefaction. On this morning, for many reasons, but actually one, I did not only listen to the song, I sang along like a Tsunami, or an Earth Quake, or just, more applicable to reality, like a extremely handsome, and youngish, and a specimen with an amazing physique too, adorable chap in his extremely expensive vehicle on road home to his exquisite dwelling.

Dear brother, starry-eyed sister, normally they cannot be beaten to a second position, but on this bloody beautiful summer day, I was at my bloody best. I kept up with their singing. No one complaining from the cars to my left and right at the red traffic light when I opened all four of my expensive vehicle’s windows.

But then it just happened. Existential essence, essential existence, in the dying last moments before the traffic light turned to a feeble green. I just got it from the bottom of my stomach meeting my soaring lungs . One fine moment, no, nothing to do with Puccini’s One Fine Moment, just one very delicate moment when the very talented and extremely handsome guy, driving an extremely expensive vehicle towards a bloody castle of a dwelling, put his head out of the driver’s seat position into the open car window, bellowing a tone-moment from that Song.

And yes, nobody looked at my extremely expensive vehicle, no, they looked at me in absolute admiration. Watery eyes in wonder, the ladies though, the guys just hooted their jealousy to high heavens.

So now, dear appreciative reader, just this request. Listen again to the song. See whether you can pick up the moment when a Karoo boytjie outdid the so-called professionals.

Then please contribute to this bank account so that we can take me to the next level. I promise to keep singing from the open window of my next expensive vehicle.

W Waltman – Gupta Bank – Account 356807479-86421241 – Lissabon Branch.

And in the very end, no and yes, I will continue to listen to Nothing, I mean, Everything But the Girl. And at times I will just endeavor to shut up.

Wim Waltman

Ps. Thank you!