on this day

a frail lost lady had her head blocked into her hopeless bosom

that other one flirted my car like a hopeful add on its way past her

on this day

he sat again

that guy once a child

now with dirt set hair locks just bowed to the flittering traffic light

lost beyond wheeling and dealing

at the smock opening port of endless nothingness

his beleaguered head on his shaking knees

and no and no

they were no help to yesterday’s child

they just moaned to his lost soul and kept tilting towards more hell

on this day

ladies took children to shopping malls

gentlemen made another million

on this day

clueless gods kept reprimanding fellow contrasting concepts

on this day as this earth dearly shone itself in sun

on this day this earth mellowed into more forms of hopelessness

as human pain kept stretching beyond all bar handled borders

in whopping ways of disparate alleys

endless superficiality

on this day

Wim van der Walt