The film, Man of La Mancha, based on the book by the giant Miguel Cervantes, was first shown in 1972.

I saw it then, I have seen it often during the spanning, spinning, years, I have seen it again this afternoon.

I deem it a primary/primal educator. In many ways.

I plead that you see it. If you perhaps then will get tears in your eyes, you will be welcome to use a handkerchief. If it gets too wet, go and get a toilet roll.

Damn you Cervantes, damn you Don Quixote, damn you Peter O’Toole. Sancho, Sancho Panza, bring me, me horse! Fairest lady, Dulcinea, don’t cry! Paint me for posterity. Quote Cervantes below- ‘An idealist. I never had the courage to believe in nothing’. If there is some more space, just letter it, ‘To dream the impossible dream, to right the unrightable wrong’.

Sancho! Where is me horse!

Reader, read Cervantes. And don’t miss it. The movie. Man of La Mancha. If you do, my ghost, on a midnight horse, will visit you…

Sancho! I am waiting!

Wim Quixote