Silence is the most powerful cry

Think of a sunflower. They blow to the sun. But if you see them bowed down, it means they are dead.

If it is deep, you have to think it – Schopenhauer

She likes it when I suddenly appear.

Princess, your behind is blowing in the wind.

Are we going to let heaven decides that too?

If you say my name I am not there anymore.

Look they have turned everything around. Look where they have put the kitchen.

Take me away.

I want to get on that train.

They are making buttons and soap out of us.

Fat, fat, ugly, ugly, all yellow in reality.

If you ask me what I am… I answer, cheap, cheap, cheap.

Good bye dream, sweet dreams. Sleep.

Good job Ferrucco. It worked.

A movie to watch. More than once. More than twice. A movie to internalize.