This is where we hit the depths. Loneliness, illness, madness.

Not everyone can afford psycho analysis.

Doing tragedy is dangerous.

The source of life is hidden.

Beware of priests who desire to walk in long robes…and love greetings in the market

who devour widow’s houses pretending prayer

It is a gathering of universal misery

There are so many gods, perhaps the river has no other shore. And vanishes in the darkness.

The East swarmed with prophets, charlatans, magicians.

Crucifying’s started 6 centuries before the Christ age. Awaiting death. It was slow in coming.

There are so many gods. Perhaps the river has no other shore and vanishes into darkness.

You suffocated with your arms raised.

You suffocated with your arms raised.

Often the Romans left the body to rot.

Dear reader, me lord, me lady, watch this mere movie.

Jesus of Montreal.