So Professor Oberholzer told us in the first 30 minutes of my very first philosophy lecture on a sunny February day in Pretoria in 1971. He said – ‘We all have ‘tainted ‘sunglasses’ on as such’. All of us.

I was just stupid. I should have stood up, should have thanked Prof. Obie and then to leave for home on the East Rand of the then Transvaal. What else, to learn from life? We all have biased spectacles hanging from our eye browses. What else to learn from life?

Perhaps, how compassion, empathy, could penetrate the conditioned barricades of our souls.

No, I don’t want to belong to a brutal selfish world. I just don’t want to feed, eat, flavour my existential set up, if other human beings keep suffering.

I just don’t want to keep up the easy shit. No. Not.

As a friend of long ago said, ‘Get real’, thanks Jan. Either we get involved with our essential being to turn the suffering around, or we play the placid, frivolous, easy, game of life to the last breath on an insipid death bed.

I don’t want that. I cannot live with a cheap conscience. I want to show my essential being in protest to the shit heaped on hopeless people. I want you to stand up and protest too. On behalf of suffering people.

Listen to these guys, dolls, and Dolores too. I hope you can go to sleep without immense sadness.