I have a dream. A dream that people may become real to their bones and to the skin of their finger tips. To interact with each other not as probable competitors, not as potential predators, but to hand over the honest smile of a soul to the eyes of others. To be part of a community of people sharing their souls, their hands, their capacities. So that we all can participate in life with trust and joy. Yes, I do know. There are greedy, shallow beings that were raised to capitalize on your needs and longings, there are greedy shallow beings that will take what they can get away with. But then again, there are others. Human beings with kindness and compassion. This type of being can change the future. They are welcome on this website. Those others, please leave and may we with our longing for humanity surprise in the way that we communicate with each other. Do business with each other. And taking care of those that cannot help themselves up from their skinless knees. The last half an hour of one’s conscious psychic being will tell the final score.

Wim van der Walt – Bellville