First we have daylight. Not paid for. Not yet. As such. So we go. Do the day, and the afternoon too. Fragrances of joy, some lines of embedded success. Daylight embalming our efforts. Daylight our ally. Daylight our quiet comforting presence. Daylight. A glory to a brain.

But the night. They debunked electricity. They switched darkness on. There I sat. At my desk, my chair, my window a dark terrorist. No light. No electricity. Darkness. Hanging onto the trees outside. Crouching the shuddering shoulders. Darkness. Darkness and somber swallowing.

There we, I, sit. In darkness. Seeing my soul reflecting defeat. No light. Darkness. No.

Darkness. Accentuated.

Trying to calm the soul. Pleading the rise of the daytime shine. Trying to salve the darkened soul.

Darkness. But if I then have to lay myself to shivering rest, perhaps tomorrow, will enlight the somber, suffocating soul.

To breath. To breath. Like a human king. Sorry lady. like a queen.

Darkness, is the creeping of the devil.

No, you are not expressing it correctly.