About Byron-Yeats Properties

Like the off-beat ways of my essential hero, Don Quixote, thank you, thank you Cervantes, I decided when I had to choose a name for my property concern, I would  pursue something more than mere ego glorification.  

So I chose poets to be my proud flag in what I wanted to achieve. Lord Byron, WB Yeats. Poets, pointing to a proud way of being. To dream about things. To dream about being essentially human. To point, to long, for a kind of life beyond mere superficiality, beyond mere materialist, simplistic, superficial manifestations.

So I tell my clients this – I don’t sell bricks and mortar, no sir, me lady, I sell dreams. I engage houses, apartments and people so that they can meet to form a material bond so that real people can come home to experience the housing of their souls.

No, poets, nor dreamers longing for honour like Don Quixote, will ever become materialist barons. No, they would rather be the authentic straw to substantial existential life. So kind sir, me lady, we will proudly rather walk you to a real home. So that your soul can sit down and smile an ocean.

Wim van der Walt