Yes, so Bob Dylan phoned me in the late 1960’s. The second week in May, if I remember correctly. I was attending Kempton Park High School with a fervour, but the secretary hurried to my class to call me to the phone. “It’s Bob!”, she said before she fainted. I ran for the phone. The head master, also fainted, on the floor in the office. I took up the phone…Bob then told me about this special song he was doing and added…”Yes man Willem, I know that you can help me bigtime with words, lyrics, for this song. Come on man!” So I did after I switched off LM Radio that night. And sent Bob a telegram with the words, lyrics. ” I ended off, remembering him Willemming me, “I hope you like the words Robert”. A few days later he called again. This time the Headmaster of the school came rushing in to get me. The secretary in the office, in fainted disposition. Said Bob, “What will I call the song?”. I had a premonition, I guess, and suggested – The Elizabeth Serenade, previously named the Andante Cantabile, a special 1950’s/60’s song. He objected. “No, rather the Joan Baez ballade”. Then I objected. And me and Robert, or then rather Bob, Wig and Wam this way and that way. And so we came to agreement. Here then the Elizabeth Serenade, sorry, I mean Bob Dylan and Wigwam. And damn, it is a special song. You should hear me and Bob on the balcony of the apartment block late night.

This footnote by Wim van der Walt.

Bob, don’t you dare calling me Willem again. And the head master of that school is not around anymore. He just cannot verify this written absolute truth. And Bob and me, we, do keep our professional dealings private. Like bloody private sir, kind lady. But, should you feel compelled to ask me to singing again. I will. The Elizabeth Serenade, sorry, Wigwam, especially for you. But only by late night. When stars start to cry their heart. And shame the moon. And then, deeper into the essential swirl, morning will be crying it’s lost faded moon.