Meyer Nel is one of the oldest law firms in Bellville and was founded in the 1950’s.

Today the firm is still focused on delivering effective and accurate legal advice to clients at affordable rates. We pride ourselves on the personal attention we give to each case and on fostering permanent working relationships with our clients.

We have seen this goal realized over many years, as some of our clients have been with the firm for decades, and keep coming back to us with all their legal needs.


Are you looking for a correspondent who attends to registrations in the Cape Town Deeds Office? Look no further than Meyer Nel.

Property Transfer

Buying or Selling property is the biggest financial decision most of us will ever make. The law requires that any agreement regarding the sale of a property has to be reduced to writing (in a contract) and signed by the seller(s) and the buyer(s). Although many people buy a property through the services of an estate agent, who will then assist the parties with this important contract, other people purchase a property privately, without an estate agent being involved. As the contract between the parties becomes binding once the parties have all signed, it is vital that the contract makes provision for all the necessary arrangements in respect of a property transfer.

Administration of Estates

The death of a loved one is usually a time of great sadness and uncertainty. It is a time filled with lots of emotions, making many arrangements to pay honour to the deceased and having to plan for an uncertain future. Very often one of the most important steps is completely omitted or avoided intentionally. This the administration of the person’s estate.

Family Law

Currently, it is possible to get divorced in the Regional Court or High Court. Both courts have advantages and disadvantages.

The Regional Courts usually have backlogs due to the high number of divorces that have to be processed in a limited amount of court days. This delay often causes great frustration for the involved parties. If the divorce is opposed by the other party the delay could be even greater. As the travelling time to the regional courts are often shorter and it is not necessary to use an advocate to appear on your behalf, using this court may often be less expensive, but may take longer.


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