On a day, ages ago, this art work was given to me by a very special person. Yes, I did not decline it. I did not protest. I took it with a slow glow of joy in my soul. And I was overwhelmed by the gracious hand out.

And now, this pot-form planet is still working its quiet charm in my living room.  Solemnly so. On different stages in the day, and late at night, it Zen(s) its presence. It keeps sensitizing the mind, it keeps whispering to one’s feeble feet a very soul. It whispers of so many things. Moments.  

Yes, it was presented in sincere kindness. Yes, a quiet Zen metaphor to never wash the very precious past away. Yes, it talks. Yes, it speaks a thousand languages. Yes, I do look at this art work daily. Yes I do nod a slow sad sad head. Yes, I promise. Like solemnly.