Dear hearted ladies and jealous gentlemen, let us analyze this remarkable photo. They, all so beautiful, are not staring at the photographer. That is understandable. The photographer is the photographer. But he is not me. They are staring at me!
I just cannot help it. Why women on average 67 years younger than me, find me so incredibly attractive is sort of a mystery. I guess. But then again, it is insensitive of me to disregard their total admiration. I gather that they just need to get acquainted with the immense emotional and physical experience that a profound and ageless adventurer universally went about with. So, let us just let them be maturely them. But I must remember when I leave the room to do that two step jinx. It is an absolute thriller. Even if I am in pain until midnight. I do hope their longing pain to be more than my stupid own. Just a theoretical question – can one change longing and stupid around here? Arggh, just shut up.